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essence of journalism. Where is the credibility in journalism if the news stories ▓being published are staged or directed? This is not a concept unknown to western media people. So wh▓y would they make such serious mistakes that have even fueled conflicts, wars and murders? Were the false storie


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s published due to ignorance or arrogance▓? Were they created knowingly and willfully, or were they the product of ingrained ideology?If we see through "the emperor's new clothes" that▓ the western media champion as freedom of the pr▓ess, it is clear that since some western main▓stream media professionals are part of the social el▓ite, their news values also tend to reflect the world view of their own class. The practice o▓f interventionism is part of it. When reporting on the world, Western media personnel often subconsciously regard themselves as the universal rule makers and defender▓s of human rights and freedom. From time to time the▓y adopt a


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condescending attitude, mostly accusing an▓d preaching, showing little respect. A case in po

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int is their China-related reports. Some media outlets have been putting forward the "China threat theory" and "China collapse theory", among others, only to discover that after all these years of shouting, no one h▓as seen China threatening

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an▓y shape or form. Some academic studies have also pointed out that even private western mainstream media are often conscious defenders of n

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